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This is a high protein dry powder that is gotten from the larvae of the black soldier fly. GL Protein is an excellent source of crude protein for fishes, poultry and pigs. GL Protein is also rich in essential amino acids which are critical for proper animal growth.


A high quality nutritional oil which is extracted from the larvae of the black soldier fly. This oil which contains the essential fatty acids can be added in feed for fishes, poultry and pigs to increase palatability and its nutritional profile.


Compost is the residue that results from feeding our black soldier flies. It is composed of leftover substrate, BSFL waste and BSFL exoskeletons. It is an excellent organic fertilizer and the chitin from the BSFL exoskeletons


To be the front-runner in clean technology and the topmost ecoprenuer company operating in Nigeria


To combat pollution, create youth employment and transforming waste into economically viable products.


We bring in expertise and a dedicated team ready to proffer quality and effective solutions to our environmental problems

Michael Gagariga

Michael Pereowei Gagariga has a BSc in Zoology from the Rivers State University of Science and Technology (Nigeria) with a special interest in Entomology, an MSc in Environmental Management & Technology (Oxford Brookes University) and an MBA in International Business (University of Gloustershire).

Peter Oyekanmi

Peter Oyekanmi has a Bsc in Biochemistry from Igbinedion University Okada, with a special interest in Nutritional Biochemistry. He has a Masters in Environmental Management and Technology from Oxford Brookes University. He has a special interest for Renewable energy Technology and worked for Biofuel Refineries High Wycombe, UK. He has more than five years working experience as an Environmental consultant with Solsey Environmental services with specialities in Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Audit and Waste management. He’s a member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

Basile Bawoubati Bouwassi

Chief Technical Officer
Basile is an agricultural technician and one of the leading experts in black soldier fly research in Africa. He was part of Proteinsect which is an international research project to evaluate insects as source of protein for animal feed and to develop methodologies that are sustainable and economically viable for commercial adoption. Proteinsect brings together leading research institutes and business organizations from China, Africa and the EU. He also worked with Insects as Feed in West Africa (IFWA) which is a research project which aims to teach African farmers to use insects as a protein source for sustainable and low cost aquaculture and poultry farming. He was in charge of setting up BSFL rearing and processing systems in Benin, Burkina Faso and Ghana. He has been involved in teaching and training of local farmers on how to use and maintain BSFL systems.