November 30, 2016

About Us



To be the front-runner in clean technology

and the topmost ecoprenuer company operating in Nigeria.

GreenLeaf Technologies is a registered private company under the laws of Nigeria. We focus on high-impact social business models that save the environment, create jobs and wealth. We belong to a global community of ‘ecopreneurs’ and investors who promote the use of green initiatives and technologies for solving problems that center on environmental degradation and public health improvement.We bring in expertise and a dedicated team ready to proffer quality and effective solutions to environmental problems.


Nigeria has a growing aquaculture industry which produced 1.123million tons of fish in 2014 while domestic demand is estimated to be 3.32million tons. In order to produce commercial fish feed, large quantities of ocean dwelling fish like anchovies and sardines have to be harvested and processed to make fishmeal. Unfortunately the rate at which these fishes are being removed is occurring faster than nature can replace them. The price of fish meal prices has increased steadily and is out of the reach of many Nigerian fish farmers. Fish meal production is also ecologically unsustainable because endangered marine organisms like dolphins, turtles are often trapped and killed by fishing nets.


Greenleaf Technologies is using insects to produce a cheap, environmental sustainable and high quality protein replacement which can be used for fish feed. Insects are a natural part of many aquatic animals diets so it makes biological sense to incorporate them into the production of commercial fish feed. After a comprehensive review of several insects,  Greenleaf Technologies has identified the Black Soldier Fly Larva (BSFL)  as a suitable candidate for mass production of insect based protein for fish feed. Check out our FAQ page to find out more about the amazing Black Soldier Fly.



To combat pollution, create employment and transforming

waste into economically viable products.